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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S82 Gile Death Notice
2 S3 1850 U.S. Census (Free Schedule)
3 S61 1860 Fed Census for Michigan
4 S59 1870 Fed Census for Michigan
5 S17 1870 U.S. Census, population Schedule
Wisconsin, Wood County 
6 S60 1880 Fed Census for Michigan
7 S15 1880 U.S. Census, Population Schedule
Nebrasks, Richardson County 
8 S14 1900 U.S. Census, Population Schedule
Oregon, Grant County 
9 S16 1920 U.S. Census, Population schedule
Oregon, Lane County 
10 S68 1930 Census for Whatcom CO. WA
11 S25 1930 Federal Census
12 S77 Alfred Burton Palmer, Jr. Obituary
13 S51 American Ridge Cemetery Listing
Maggie Rail 
14 S10 An Illustrated History of Central Oregon
15 S42 Barbara Tilly Family Group Records
Barbara Till 
16 S78 Charles E Monroe Biography Van Buren Co., MI
Captain O. W. Rowland Volume II 
17 S30 Chas F. Hamlin Letter
Chas Hamlin 
18 S46 Clara Ranfolph Article of agreement, R Randoph pension
19 S66 Cloverdale Cemetery listings
Marion County Cemetery 
20 S83 Cora E Fry Obituary
Denver Post 
21 S44 Dale Wahleld RootsWeb file
Dale Wahlfeld 
22 S80 Dave Finlay Family Tree on Ancestry
Dave Finley 
23 S69 Deann Dwyer Rootsweb family
Deann Dwyer 
24 S29 Descendants of Charles Bruce Moody
Bob Moody 
25 S19 Descendants of Peter hickey
Gary & Doreen McDaniels 
26 S34 Dick Dutton GEDCOM
Dick Dutton 
27 S18 Francis Ayotte death certificate, state file no. 35298, local register's no. 954, registration district no. 30
State of Idaho. Department of Health and Welfare. Center for Vital Statistics 
28 S33 Gedcom file
Douglas Briggman 
29 S31 Hellen titone Letter
Hellen Titone 
30 S37 HIram Judd Palmer Obituary
31 S73 His of Van Buren County Michigan
Captain O. W. Rowland 
32 S8 History of Chatham, Massachusetts
33 S43 History of Wheeler County Oregon
The Times-Journal 
34 S52 Holly Cross Cemetery list
Meggie Rail 
35 S57 Illinois, Marriages - Warren County Court Records
36 S4 Iowa Co, WI Marriage Record
37 S56 Joanne Forbis Ancestry Family Tree
Joanne Forbis 
38 S39 John williams General Affidavit for Pension Record
39 S47 Joseph Jourdan Family Search ancestral file AF94-100606
40 S40 Jsr Harrington Affidavit, Rollin Randolph Pension
41 S58 Kansas State Census,1875
42 S20 Karen Davis Email (4-15-2004)
Karen Davis 
43 S81 Karra Friston Email
Karra Friston 
44 S72 King Coouny Marriage Records
45 S55 Lisa Touchton Ancesty Family Tree
Lisa Touchton 
46 S54 Looters of the Public Domain
Stephen A Douglas Puter, Horace Stevens 
47 S76 Lucille Benner SSDI Index
48 S50 Lueger Bartroff (Hamlin) tree
49 S5 Marriage Record, Iowa County
50 S27 Marriage Records
Pawnee County Clerk 

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